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Filement's flexibility makes it suitable for integration into custom services and devices.

Having been developed from the ground up, Filement is highly customisable and can suit different requirements and interests.

Manufacturers and users of smart routers can benefit from integrating Filement's software on their devices. Filement can be installed on all routers with a USB port, turning them into a private cloud device.

By keeping a hard or flash drive attached to your routers you will have access to your data and files both from your devices at home and from any web browser no matter where you may be.

Companies with large data centers can benefit from integrating Filement in several ways. The access of files and data will be much easier from every device and location. Custom version of Filement can also be made to suit the individual needs for different company hardware and software.

With individual access rights to specific folders and file locations employees can easily be granted instant access to the necessary files regardless of their current location so long as they have an internet connection.

Filement can also be integrated into different software products and packages in order to increase the softwares potential and usability.

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