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Rackspace in your Filement

Follow this guide to add Rackspace to your Filement account.

Before we begin make sure that:

  • you have a Rackspace account
  • you know your Rackspace username
  • you have your Rackspace API key (Can be obtained from your Rackspace Cloud control panel » Account settings » API key show)
  • you know where your Rackspace storage is located
  • you have an internet connection
  1. In your Filement account select Add new remote service.
  2. In the newly opened window select Rackspace.
  3. A new popup will open and you will have to provide the following details:
  4. When you fill in all the fields click add. A new Rackspace icon will be added to your Filement account and you will be ready to use it.
  5. You are now ready to explore all of Filement's benefits.
    Right click menus
    Image thumbnails
    Share directly from your devices
    Open and create archives
    Search in all your devices
    Listen music or watch videos
    Drag and drop windows and files
    Transfer files between your devices
    Single point of access for all devices
    Encrypted and secure
    Maintain your privacy

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