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Filement for Wi-Fi routers with USB

Filement supports Wi-Fi routers with a USB port. With such routers you can attach a USB storage (USB stick or USB hard drive), and use this attached storage as a personal storage space.

Filement enables this feature and makes it very easy for you to manage, use and share your data remotely, directly from a web browser.

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How can I find out if my Wi-Fi router has a USB port?

Look at the back of your router. If there is [] port then yes - your router has a USB port.

What should I do to enable Filement on my router?

Simply find your router from the list bellow and follow the instructions.

Will Filement work with my router?

We are working on supporting all router manufacturers. Currently we support:

Why do I need Filement on my router?

Learn what features Filement provides you and the use cases they are valid for.

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