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The service that helps users manage their data directly from the browser.

Filement is a unified platform which provides secure and direct access to data stored on different devices, cloud and remote services.

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Filement provides users with the ability to manage all their devices (PCs, Macs and Linux, Smartphones, Tablets, Smart Routers), cloud and remote services (Google Drive, Dropbox, OneDrive, Rackspace, FTP ect.).

This is all done from a single point using a simple and intuitive web interface that can be accessed from any device connected to the internet. Users can simply drag and drop files from one device to another by selecting the device and folder into which they want to copy the files.

By linking all devices and cloud storages through Filement users are able to expand the amount of free storage space they posses without having to pay for premium accounts. With Filement you simply copy the files you need from one storage and select where you want to move them in a single step.

  • Filement has an integrated video and music player enabling users to listen to music and watch movies on the go, while their files are still on their home computer.
  • With Filement’s text editor, PDF and picture viewer one can view, edit and share documents with friends on the filement platform and send links of the files to people outside it.
  • With ZIP archive support, users can always open ZIP archives and manipulate (preview, copy) the files within the archive.
  • The integrated DLNA+ embedded in Filement enables users to stream media over their devices to any DLNA compatible device. With DLNA+ you can stream files directly from your computer at home or any remote location to any DLNA enabled device by simply channeling the files through your tablet, phone or laptop.
  • The quick search available with Filement means that your files are always just a click away, even though they might be spread across different devices and clouds.

Share pictures, movies and files with family and friends directly over your computer or device without having to worry about the size of the files or their exact location.

The ability to access all your data through a single web interface also saves the time and hassle concerned with having to first download a file from one cloud storage, before you’re able to upload it to another.

With Filement none of your data is ever stored on our servers and all the exchanges are encrypted so that the files you move across your devices are always secure and where you want them.

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